Crisp Calgary Morning

It was a cold, crisp Calgary morning, but the new-found knowledge of HDR imaging drove me up and out of bed early Sunday in search of something inspiring. I finally had some new winter Helly Hansen boots which would truly prove to protect my feet from the snow & cold that day. I armed myself with a coffee, tripod, camera, and layers upon layers of clothing. I probably looked something partial to an Eskimo as I headed out East in search of something to silhouette against the brilliant sky that was evolving above me.

Calgary’s a rather flat place with only subtle rolling hills. I drove and drove with increasing dismay as the sunrise attempted to elude me. Finally I spotted a bridge, some trees and a wide open area where the sun’s early rays had just begun to trickle through the filter of a thin forest.

This was it! I’d found my place to ‘chill’ for the next half-hour! It was worth every single frost-bitten nose-hair!

Calgary Golf Course at Sunrise


Well Ladies & Gentlemen… Here it finally is. My very first Web-log!

I use this Web-log & my Vancouver British ColumbiaVancouver British Columbiawebsite ( to share the beauty in the things that I see around me in my everyday life. Things that, prior to purchasing my first camera at the age of 30, I never stopped to investigate. Sure I’ve heard the birds singing before… but now I can actually find them, identify them, and truly appreciate them. I’ve seen a million sunsets too, (11,525 to be exact), but I’ve only recently began chasing the horizon and paying attention to the dynamically lit exhibitions that occur in the evenings. I took all these little things (and big things) for granted. All the things I used to just walk right past are now the things that I am in absolute amazement about. Things like a fresh drop of dew on a colourful flower petal… so subtle, yet so amazing when you stop to appreciate it.

Producing images that will convey the sense of emotion I feel looking through the lens is my goal. This blog & my website ( ) allow me to share that emotion with the entire world.

Vancouver British Columbia