Daytrips from Calgary #2


Frank Lake & High River were number two on our list from our favorite weekend book, “Daytrips From Calgary”. Frank lake is arguably southern Alberta’s best birding spot. I didn’t see too much variety and in all honesty… I was burnt from roaming Kananaskis Country once again, so I didn’t really stay long. The bugs were by the billions, the heat was excesive, and our patience was running low. Given the previous day’s hiking and sun… i think it’s safe to say that we would have preferred to stay in the car that day. But WOW are there ever a lot of birds at Frank Lake! I’ll definately be back once my sunburn heals and it’s not so hot out. VERY excited about this place! Take a look below:

Banff Syndrome


it’s apparent that I’ll do anything to get a chance to go to Banff… including volunteer to drive out there last minute on a Friday afternoon for work! I had to service a client in Banff and finished JUST IN TIME for some amazing dawn lighting at Two Jack Lake just across the highway from Banff. My jaw literally dropped when I discovered that the lakes had finally thawed and some of my dream photo opps stood right before me. “This is just the begining!”, I said outloud to myself.

Daytrips From Calgary: #1

Finally I got out of the house (with my camera)!

We bought a book to help us get out of the house and to see more of Alberta… so far it’s a hit! This little gem is packed full of ideas for viewing some of Canada’s most stunning scenery… each outing is all in a day’s trip from Calgary. Interested in the book? Follow this link:  

Our First choice from the book was Bragg Creek & Elbow Falls:

Bragg Creek is a great little picnic area, but we found the trails a bit muddy and/or snowy still. I’ve never seen so much ice in May… it’s crazy! There’s a gorgeous area along the water and a small trail system to walk along. Without much more success than a decent woodpecker shot and muddy trails caked to our shoes, we decided to head up the road (only 8Km) to Elbow Falls: the final destination in our daytrip guide. What a place!

Elbow Falls is a stunning place to visit with trails, picnic areas, and if you’re brave enough… some ice cold water! The elbow river gently trickles down into a magnificent and powerful waterfall guided by breathtaking rock formations.

The road actually ended at this point, but it looks like they open those roads once the winter has passed. I guess it’s just too much to even attempt to maintain those roads in the winter. I guess it’s still winter in May! I’ll be keeping an eye on these closed roads and exploring those areas when they’re open again!

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