Kingfisher Stakeout!

Well, day one of using my home made blind paid off! I’ve built a frame out of PVC conduit and then i cover it with camo-netting in order to create a blind that i can comfortably sit in while i stakeout wildlife. Today I didn’t bring the frame, but i sat in front of my tripod at eye level and covered myself in the camouflage netting. There is no way that these kingfishers would have even come close to me without the netting. I could not belive how close they landed (not quite close enough for my lens), but it was unreal! I’ve been chasing this bird for two years now and the first day I applied some ‘technique’ and ‘tactics’ to my chase… it pays off!  There will definately be more to come (I’ll be sitting in the same spot with the full setup at 6am on Sat morning!) Stay tuned!


The forum, Gilles, myself & Fish Creek Park!

I randomly met one of the members of my Calgary wildlife and photography forum ( ) while shooting pelicans recently.  Since then, we’ve been out a couple of times to Fish Creek Park and done some morning birding together. I have tons to learn from this guy! He’s inspired me to put together a blind of sorts ( I might even splurge for the really, really cool one that is attached to a chair: )


Canada day in Calgary (2008)

I had grandios visions of the fireworks popping up right behind the city’s skyline attractions (exactly where i wqanted them to). Of course they were barely visible from where i setup! I had been trying to capture this view in the early hours during the winter when I first moved here, but I think I finally nailed this one as a night shot!


K Country (again)

Well, Kananaskis (K-Country) is one of my favorite (and closer) daytrips from Calgary.

I find something new everytime I go and I’m always in awe of the landscape anytime of year! Not to mention that the Kananaskis Village offers hotel style accommodation with all the amenities any visitor could wish for. The Village area also has a 36 hole world-class golf course, two ski resorts, equestrian facilities with a real western flavor at Boundary Ranch, and trails for hiking, mountain biking, and winter cross-country skiing.


The Dinosaur Capital of Canada

It’s been sometime… I almost forgot about my poor Blog!

I’m going to post a rash of entries tonight, so they’ll probably be small posts, but I wanted to fill you all in on my outings since my last post!

“There is nowhere quite like the Drumheller Valley!  (The Dinosaur Capital of Canada) In the Heart of the Canadian Badlands in Southern Alberta, the Drumheller Valley offers visitors a unique combination of spectacular scenery and interesting things to do. Within easy driving distance of Banff, Calgary or Red Deer, a few hours on good all-weather highways will take you into another world – the world of startling contrasts between the deep past and the exciting present. Rolling fields suddenly give way to steep, dry coulees ridged with the strata of hundreds of years of erosion by time, wind and water. Through it all, the tranquil Red Deer River gently makes its way through parkland and myriad of recreational opportunities.”