Northern Pygmy Owl Eating a Mouse!

This is definitely some of the most amazing wildlife footage I have ever had the privilege of witnessing!!  I’d heard of the Northern Pygmy Owl being spotted in Fish Creek Park (in Calgary), but I had yet to see anyone produce anything other than a photo from too far a distance; nothing more than a tiny spec way up in a tree. So I decided to stake this thing out on my Christmas break – the hunt was on!  It took me weeks of hiking around in -30 degrees to finally stumble across this little critter in the parking lot (of all places) at Fish Creek Park.  It was so tiny! The Northern Pygmy Owl was barely bigger than a pop can!  Luckily I’d encountered some other photogs who had come prepared for this sighting and brought along a little lunch for our Pygmy friend. The naturalists would have probably killed us for baiting it, but if the Owl, which is indigenous to the Rocky Mountains, was hanging around the parking lot of Fish Creek Park – then it obviously wasn’t finding food in its natural habitat! That’s no excuse for us baiting the animal, nor do I use it as one… I simply HAD to get this footage and these guys were already prepared to use the bait. (sorry naturalists)  Unfortunately this once in a lifetime opportunity came along when I was very new to my camera and I basically ruined all the footage with my lack of knowledge =(   Anyway, enough about me… check out the photos!