Curious Siren

Theme/mood:  Early dawn while the fog is still low in the harbor and their is an eerie stillness to the shore around the abandoned shipyard. There is an old abandoned ship that the siren climbs onto by gripping large ship ropes. The siren is peering through the murky window into the dawn out of curiosity and to see if she is still hidden. She is walking along the shore feeling pulled in two different directions; to stay on land with humans and to discover the new world, or to return to the ocean – her home. The lost siren is curious as to what lies about the water. She brings her sea-baring qualities with her; exposing them to the human eye.

– (Story, concept & styling by Trina Cairns)

Dead Grip @ Third Beach with Johanna & Chanelle

I specifically bought the battery grip add on for my camera ( so that battery life would never/rarely be an issue for me. Well Last weekend just happened to be one of those ‘rare’ occasions.  I swore my last shoot hadn’t lasted very long and figured I’d have plenty of juice in my dual lithium ion battery configuration to make it through the day… right? Not a chance!  I had two of my favorite models down at third beach and ran out of camera batteries just as the sun began to set (basically the moment we’d all been waiting for).  Even my ‘epic fails’ turn out to be not too too bad.  Check out just a couple of images from my worst blunder yet (you can see more HERE)…..