My Reputation Precedes Me

Hey everybody! Just another quick update before I do a huge model shoot-out this weekend with my trusty MUA Cydney Aimee! (  Her and I had the pleasure of working with Peenkay a couple of weeks ago and I’m STILL editing from that weekend! Working with Peenkay was a great opportunity for me, as I don’t think I’ve worked with a more talented, experienced and diverse model before (not that any of my photos adequately demonstrate that).  Peenkay has done numerous magazine covers & spreads ( and has worked with some VERY talented photogs  – I was honored to be chosen by her for a shoot! (see our results below)

So, this ‘reputation thing’ started to happen just before New Years this year… people in this city (and next door in Calgary) actually know my work and know who I am. It was a bit weird the first few times it happened (just the way it happened), but it’s gotten to the point now where I’ve had a few people even walk right up to me and recognize me from Facebook (and trust me – I hide photos of myself up there, so they must be paying attention lol).  The coolest part about all this is that the editor of Assignment Fashion ( wants to pitch me to the local Model agencies (John Cassablanca’s, Numa Models, Liz Bell Agency and more) as an agency rep’d photographer!

Did you miss me??

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… I’ve basically had my head buried in Photoshop this entire time! I’ve been shooting like mad with my new lighting and backdrop equipment and now the whole thing is paying for itself! Heck, I’ve even been scouted by the editor for “Assignment Fashion” and am going to be put forward as an agency photog for John Cassablanca’s, Numa Models, Lizbell Agency and a few more! I’ve never wanted something so badly that I can literally taste it!

Thank you for all your support. I promise to keep it fresh and I promise to keep it coming. Don’t think that all I shoot is ‘sexy’ and ‘scandalous’, because I’m far more diverse than that. I’ve only shot about a dozen girls in my life… My true passion is nature and wildlife photography, but I intend to explore as many aspects of photography as I can! Thanks again everyone – I really appreciate your likes, comments, and support! ♥ Pete!