Intervalometer Meets Vancouver’s Skyline

I’ve recently been upgrading my camera equipment for the purposes of creating massive, high-resolution images of Vancouver’s skyline (that, and I was way overdue for a hardware upgrade after over 5 years).  The upgrades are quite expensive (even more so on my income), but well worth the investment! One of the things that I purchased with my new camera was a battery grip that included an intervalometer; a tool that allows me to program my camera to take a burst of photos (or a single exposure) at defined intervals over a specified frame of time… ‘time lapse’ in simpler terms. The problem with time lapse is, well… just that – the time!  I find myself unable to allow the program to simply run its course and I end up interrupting the sequence to point my lens at different compositions etc. I thought I’d bring some reading material last night to keep myself entertained, but after over two hours… it only yielded 11 seconds of footage!  Thankfully I had been out there for the sunrise that same day and had been impatient enough to get some good still images out of the deal. I’m really not impressed with the results (composition, exposure and duration) of my first test time lapse, but it was just that; a test.  I put a fair amount of effort into this little experiment of mine; up at 4am for the sunrise, returned to the location at sunset, 30 km of total cycling with all my gear on my back, and at least 4 hours of post processing.  It wasn’t all a waste of time though…. I made a few new friends on the seawall that morning and again that evening. Not to mention some good still images and the knowledge of what to do next time to get a grossly improved time lapse! Check out my results below (I put in a behind the scenes video too that shows the Stanley Park 9 o’clock cannon firing)…

TIME LAPSE MOVIE (switch it to ‘high quality’ before viewing):