Magazine Submissions!

Well,  I wasn’t really expecting it to happen like this, but it looks like I’m about to submit my first fashion editorial to a few industry-related websites and magazines!  My team and I had a fabulous shoot yesterday. Each time we shoot it ends up being our best work – always making progress!  So after the shoot I came home and did a couple of quick edits for Facebook just because I’m an attention seeker and I’m constantly in need of confirmation and reassurances from my fans that what I’m doing is even worth all the struggle I’ve been going through in order to pursue this dream of mine. Sure enough… before the clock struck 1:30am, I received an email, from the agency director of Numa Models, asking me to stop posting images online and to take down what I had already posted! Why? He thought my images were good enough and he wants to submit them on my behalf!! (when you submit an image to a publication it’s not supposed to be leaked before it’s published.)  I have too many industry-related contacts on Facebook, but I’m thinking that I can release a small, unpolished sneak peek on my blog (seeing as how not many people follow my ramblings here). WISH US LUCK!


  • Photography: (me)
  • Model: Charlene (Numa Models)
  • Hair & Makeup: Ali-ve Makeup Artistry
  • Stylist: Shawna Simpson Fashion Stylist
  • Nails: Nails by Cindy
  • Sweater, Poncho: Cecile Bénac Knitwear
  • Dresses: JS Collections
  • Wardrobe provided by: Malary’s Fashion Network

Hollywood Boutique Summer Fashion 2012

The team put in a loooong day yesterday in Yaletown and Gastown with wardrobe provided by Hollywood Boutique Yaletown – Amazing results! The behind the scenes video is caffeine-induced – I could probably use a mono-pod if the coffee’s not to be blamed – I’ll have to shoot without the intravenous caffeine one day to find out!

Model: Ashleigh Cameron (Numa Models)

Makeup: Ali-ve Makeup Artistry

Nails: Nails by Cindy

Wardrobe: Hollywood Boutique Yaletown

<p>WARNING: this video may invoke seizures in some people! lol – maybe I'll drink less coffee in the future before trying to achieve that 'hand-held' effect!</p>