Qispi Kay Beachwear & Pete Jones Photogrpahy

Finally got to collaborate with the super talented local swimwear designer, Sandra Salcedo, to photograph her 2013 bikini line. Candice D. Johnson, Nancy Shaw, Jennifer Murphy and Erica Opp did a killer job on the hair & makeup that day and the models (Stephanie, Jillian, Dana, Alanna Kristen and Tess) were all fantastic to work with! Check it out…

Composite Winter

I’ve decided to completely ignore the fact that winter is here and make positive from the once dreaded ‘studio season’. I think the only real reason that the studio bored me was because last year (my first year playing around in the studio) I always did the same thing, over and over again. [*yawn]  This year I’m purchasing some pretty exciting lighting modifiers and I’m going to run around in the cold weather, shooting all my backgrounds separately. My goal is to become proficient with composites; Step 1) master my studio lighting, Step 2) continue to build on my HDR photography by shooting backgrounds that force perspective etc.

I spent some time cruising Vancouver’s Downtown East-side this evening and shot some pretty grungy backgrounds. The photo of my friend was shot months ago and wasn’t really intended for a composite, but I think I’ve almost got it working in the below example.

Here’s my very first attempt. (rough draft and only invested about 15 minutes into this one)…


Vancouver Downtown East-side Alley