‘Toning it Down’ a Few Notches

It’s no secret that I process my images. I’ve been accused of over-processing my portraits on more than one occasion. I agree, there is a time and a place for the creative editing and processing that happens in post-production.  A head shot is definitely not one of those situations and it’s something I’ve struggled with for the past few months since I began taking head shots. I made some breakthrough progress in my editing work-flow while editing for a client this morning. I’ve toned down my noise reduction technique and my skin softening masks while mastering my eye-brightening, fly-away removal, cloning and specific liquify filter applications. The result; a much more natural and industry accepted head shot! (This is my friend Caley Laing with Local Color Talent agency & King Promotions in Vancouver)




Composite compost

I was actually shooting a much shorter female subject this day and my friend Eric (seen in this photo) was assisting me. Without adjusting my camera height, lights or anything, I just had him quickly slip in the frame while the model was coming back… if I were to take my time with it, i would not have shot him from such a low angle, etc etc etc


The anatomy of my beauty edit

I’ve been getting an influx of inquiries regarding my editing process & techniques.  I’ll be addressing that in full detail via my workshops this spring in my studio, but for now here’s a brief outline of common issues that need to be addressed in the form of a before & after. This is an example of what was required for one of the beauty edits from yesterday’s session. Relatively small stuff, but when taken into consideration it can really have an overall positive  impact on the image…