New Lens; Cityscape Test Shoot!

I’ve been working hard the last two months to try and save up for two new lenses that I need for my wedding bookings that start in April. They are expensive, but they are already paid for with the weddings they’re required for so it’s easily justified 😉

Today  I took my new 24-70mm f2.8 lens for a test drive! LOVING the results so far even though it was just a quick test shoot. This particular lens is great for wide(er) angle shots in low-light situations such as weddings and events, but this focal range also serves many other purposes for me in the studio with portraits, shooting HDR backgrounds for my composites, cityscapes, landscapes and panoramas! See one of the results from my test shoot this evening…


Test Shoot for Multi-Million Dollar Yaletown Loft Editorial

I’ve gained access to a mulit-million dollar loft in Vancouver’s swank Yaletown district. I put out a casting call on my Facebook page and the submissions came flooding in for this one. In an attempt to screen some of the qualifying candidates, I’ll be conducting a few ‘test shoots’ in the studio.

Check out the amazing location: 

Here’s a result from one of the test shoots…