Wedding Bells

CONGRATULATIONS to Richelle & Dustin Marsh. Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful people and such an amazing time had! (I couldn’t be happier for you two and was truly honored to be included the way I was) – enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii !!!  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come….

Pete Jones Vancouver Wedding Photographer

A BTS example of where i took a frame with my lighting assistant holding the softbox over the subjects, then I had my assistant exit the frame and I took another exposure (I aligned the two images in Photoshop afterwards and masked my assistant out of the scene).

More edits coming soon!

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well folks, it’s official – I won’t be shooting much (if at all) as of this October. I’ve got one more fashion editorial project, a wedding and maybe the odd paid booking here and there. That’s it!  This is the second-last “model shoot” that you’ll see me do for quite some time (you can see the images from yesterday’s shoot below). I’ll never give up my photography entirely, (I’d choose death before a life without my camera), but I am forced to take a somewhat extended break from all of this.

I’ve sacrificed absolutely everything in pursuit of my photography. I’ve let my career slide over the past 3-4 years, by developing my photography business/reputation, instead of re-certifying over the years when I had the opportunities to do so. I’ve been forced to take increasingly low-level, low-paying jobs in the I.T. industry as I’ve been in pursuit of jobs conducive of maintaining my photography at least 50% of the time. (It’s also a natural byproduct of me not keeping current with my vendor specific certifications – i’m not worth much in I.T. any more I’m afraid)

Now I’m at a cross-roads… Photography isn’t cutting it and I no longer have a ‘plan A’.  I’d just become a T4-paid employee, with the odd subcontract here and there, about 5 years ago Just before the recession hit. With the repeated lay-offs I was encountering, I took that opportunity to try and explore new avenues. I guess my dreams of becoming a professional photographer were kinda silly. If you look at this whole situation realistically…

  1. I just don’t posses the level of talent, ability or resources that a true successful professional photographer would (despite friends, family and Facebook all telling me how “amazing” I am)
  2. The photography industry is a difficult one to say the least – especially in my city (or so I’m told). I won’t bother illustrating all the pitfalls of a virtually impossible industry whose bottom fell out with the introduction of digital… all I’ll say is discourage your children from ever attempting to make a living as a photographer unless they are truly among the gifted top percentile!

So this is ‘goodbye’ (for now). I’m 37 years old and if I don’t do something realistic with my life I’m going to have a pretty bleak future. I’m going to try rekindling my passion with my 12 year stint in I.T.  I’m not sure that I have many other options at this point. I only hope that, by the time I’m 40 years old, I don’t have to ride the bus any longer or grocery shop based on what i can fit in my backpack and bicycle home with. Back to reality. At least I can say I tried it and it wasn’t for me.

When I do return to my passion, sometime in mid-2014, it will be under the pretenses of an ‘enthusiast’ and ‘hobbyist’. No more delusions of calling myself a ‘professional’. I officially renounce that title. Right here. Right now.

(I will still edit old footage from time to time and make posts on my Facebook fan-page, so If you want to follow the aftermath you can like my page here: )