My Brother’s Best-Friend’s Girlfriend

A girl approached me a while back on Facebook, like hundreds of girls do, and messaged me saying, “let’s shoot”.  Now, I get a LOT of this and it kinda bothers me. Why?  Because what it says is that the model has absolutely zero input or creative initiative.  It means that I’m going to  have to do ALL the work; planning the concept, creating the mood-board, casting for hair/makeup/stylist, creating the shot list, renting the studio, providing full direction to an inexperienced model and hours upon hours of editing.

Initially, I didn’t think much of her request. It was like all the others, but Sarah wasn’t a ‘model’ and this kind of appealed to me.  I definitely enjoy taking your average person’s portrait and she did have a ‘look’ that really was natural and beautiful.  We bumped into each other on the street downtown one day and as it turns out, she’s my brother’s best-friend’s girlfriend.  Some time passed, she messaged me again, I creeped her profile once more and I finally decided… this girl’s got a lot of potential… “Let’s do this!”.  So we chatted on Facebook about it and, like all other Facebook inquiries, I wondered if it was ever going to come to fruition. Well, it finally did yesterday.

I also got to play with a couple of new toys for the first time. I’ve finally purchased my very first Alien Bee Studio light, (which is just freakin’ AMAZING to work with coming from using Speedlites all these years), and I also finally completed my tethering solution, (so I don’t have to review images off the tiny 3″ LCD on the back of my camera anymore!).

I’m fortunate enough to have photographed a LOT of very beautiful girls in my short career as a photographer, but Sarah was different. Not only was she exceptionally beautiful, (obviously), but she was hands-down the single most wonderful person I’ve had the pleasure of spending a day with in the studio. Can you believe that this is her FIRST photo-shoot ever??