Naked Tattle-Tales

It seems as though I still have some people, or a person, relentlessly sneaking around on my Facebook, (allegedly they’re my ‘friends’), and reporting my images for nudity. Most of the reports are completely unjustified , but every now and again someone reports an image that might just get pulled down by the Facebook police.  Fortunately for me, I’ve been doing this long enough (and had enough images pulled down) to know how to abide by Facebook’s TOS without crossing any lines.  The real question is, why are these people constantly doing this to me?  It’s on the regular too. Now, not all of my images on Facebook are nearly as provocative as the following example, but it blows my mind that some people are just determined to tattle tale on me and are so persistent in trying to get me into trouble!  Are they jealous-haters, or have I wronged someone?  Is it an individual or a group of people?  I’ll never know, but it just seems odd that these people would befriend me online and then cower behind the cloak of online anonymity to deliver the online equivalent of a knife to the back. Anyhow, enough of my rambling, this is what I was up to Friday night…

Composite Projects

2014 is going to be my strongest year ever in photography – I’ve been gearing up, scouting, scheming, planning, practicing & plotting all my concepts thoroughly!  Follow me on Facebook and watch for my exciting composite projects this spring!  Here’s a quick, rough edit for a swimwear designer I’ll be working with again….

Pete Jones Photography Vancouver
Designer: Qispi Kay Beachwear
Model: Tess
Hair & Makeup: Candice D. Johnson
Assistant: Jim Mortlock — with QK Beach.


Playing With My New Wacom Intuous; Wireless Pen & Touch Pad!!

Well, I finally joined the ranks and got me a Wacom Intuous Pen & Touch Pad last week!  If you don’t know that that is, you can check it out here (I’ve also included an image below):

Basically, this thing has COMPLETELY revolutionized the way I edit – I’m very excited to say the least and am honestly unsure about how I’ve gone this long without one!!  It also doubles as a big touch pad with can be kinda fun to navigate the web and Windows with too!

Anyway, I was just messin’ ’round with some old footage that I shot in Early 2013 with my swimwear designer friend, check it out….




Catalaya Floral Design & Pete Jones

My friend Jen from Calgary is a very gifted floral designer and we’re finally collaborating!  She’s actually already been working her magic for me over the past couple of months and her packaged arrived in the mail last Friday!  She’s made me so much that the combinations are virtually endless. I’ll be shooting a project in March that will feature her pieces, but here’s a quick sneak peak at an image that I made using one of her pieces…