Study Breaks

Although I’ve been spending most of my time studying for my upcoming Microsoft exam, I’ve made sure that I get at least a few hours of fresh air & exercise on the weekends. The Stanley Park Seawall has been my escape of choice lately. Here’s a few images I’ve made during my bike rides in the lovely spring weather we’ve been having….

Lions Gate Bridge

Built with money from the Guinness beer family, the Lions Gate Bridge opened to motor traffic 75 years ago. The bridge was part of a scheme concocted by Albert Taylor in the 1920s to develop West Vancouver, which, without a second crossing across Burrard Inlet, was pretty remote. Taylor’s plan was opposed by the CPR, who didn’t want West Van to compete with its own upper crusty neighborhood, Shaughnessy Heights.

The bridge was initially turned down by a city hall that wanted to keep development out of Stanley Park. Once the Great Depression was in full swing and Vancouver teetered on the brink of bankruptcy however, the City was desperate for investment and jobs and had a change of heart.



After a little fine-tuning, I’m achieving HyperSynch shutter speeds all the way up to 1/8000th of a second with NO banding (there is some slight graduation that begins around 1/1200th, but I’m confident that I can recover it all in post).

I did a fair bit of pre-purchase research and NONE of it answered my specific questions (including extensive back & forth with PocketWizard’s pre-sales technical support) – I was actually only expecting to get 1/500th When I first started playing with it. I even had banding on the “recommended” settings at 1/500th, but with persistence, tweaking & experimenting – I got ‘er all figured out!

If anyone has technical questions concerning ControlTL transceivers, feel free to message me and check out the resources I’ve provided below…


FlexTT5 ControlTL Transceiver

FlexTT5 ControlTL Transceiver

PlusIII Transceiver

PlusIII Transceiver


PocketWizard’s HyperSynch Wiki:

Shooting Portraits with HyperSynch:

See it in all its glory:


First Sunburn of 2014

I had my first lifestyle session rather early in the year this season. It was maybe 10 degrees on an overcast April 5th and I still managed to get a sunburn on top of my bald head!  It was worth it IMO.. did an equipment test and realized some technical obstacles that I need to overcome for future outdoor sessions. Looks like I need to by me a PocketWizard FlexTT5 to achieve higher synch speeds!


We got some great images while we were at it, check them out….