After a little fine-tuning, I’m achieving HyperSynch shutter speeds all the way up to 1/8000th of a second with NO banding (there is some slight graduation that begins around 1/1200th, but I’m confident that I can recover it all in post).

I did a fair bit of pre-purchase research and NONE of it answered my specific questions (including extensive back & forth with PocketWizard’s pre-sales technical support) – I was actually only expecting to get 1/500th When I first started playing with it. I even had banding on the “recommended” settings at 1/500th, but with persistence, tweaking & experimenting – I got ‘er all figured out!

If anyone has technical questions concerning ControlTL transceivers, feel free to message me and check out the resources I’ve provided below…


FlexTT5 ControlTL Transceiver

FlexTT5 ControlTL Transceiver

PlusIII Transceiver

PlusIII Transceiver


PocketWizard’s HyperSynch Wiki:

Shooting Portraits with HyperSynch:

See it in all its glory:


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