Graffiti GasTown

About a year ago, I was strolling around Gastown doing some street photography; looking for textures and backdrops for composite projects. I stumbled upon this amazing piece that really caught my eye and took a 5-frame panorama of it.  I was approached by a makeup artist (who’s trying out modeling) from out of province recently about doing a shoot and of course I was eager to test out my new equipment and setup a quick little shoot in Gastown. I’ve been doing lots of ‘test shoots’ and ‘equipment tests’ lately… (thank you to everyone who’s been a part of all that). This is all in preparation for a big ‘level-up’ that you can expect from me this summer. Watch for it…. I’ve got some pretty amazing subjects and collaborations in the mix…. now, if I can just pull it off! lol  Anyway, back to my story….

I brought this test-shoot to that epic location, only to see that it’d been all covered up (and re-tagged).  Still, we came away with some decent results and I got to play with my new toy!!

Pete Jones Vancouver Portrait Photographer

What the wall used to look like!


Well, after all these years, I’ve finally made a rather significant, yet inexpensive, purchase.  This resolves a serious issue I’ve been having while shooting outdoors mainly (but also indoors). A boom-stand!  Finally, I don’t have to move my octa-box to the side, so I can have a clear line of sight to the model! Check it out (and some of the results from my equipment test)….

Capilano Pacific Trail to Cleveland Dam

The Capilano Pacific Trail is more of a ‘walk’ than it is a ‘hike’, but it’s a beautiful one none-the-less. We had some pretty cool weather changes too – check it out. Happy Father’s Day! 

Swimsuit Season is Back! (in Black & White)

Had my first swimsuit session with these gals on Sunday….

Models : Rachel Korpach & Taylor Paige Haldane
Makeup: Alaina Alexandra
Stylist: Renae Cathleen
Wardrobe: Beyond Basic Details