2014 Fashion Editorial for Publication

Yesterday we shot a 7-person collaboration that was a couple of months in the making.  I’ve developed a somewhat downward outlook on my work as of lately and I desperately needed something to bring me out of that mindset. Well yesterday it happened!

I’ve been doing a lot of ‘equipment tests’ and one-on-one shooting lately and that really doesn’t do much for my portfolio (let alone my own perceived value of my work).  Although you see a lot of sexy & glamorous work from me, that’s really NOT what i want to be shooting.  I definitely prefer the more collaborative projects with images that tell a story (which i don’t create enough of) or composite editing and creativity in post-production.

I can’t show much more than this for now, as we will have to wait for the images to be printed in the magazine before I can share on social media, but here’s a very quick edit of a shot from yesterday and credits for an amazing team that I was so lucky to work with….

Model:  Genevieve Buechner
Makeup:  Madison Mah
Hair:  Angelina Celeste
Stylist:  Xinyu Deng
Designers:  Evan Clayton
 & Chantelle Harley

Dirty Laundry

I recently had a model approach me to shoot a submission to a men’s magazine. The concept was ‘dirty laundry’ as seen in the inspiration photos below…

laundry1 laundry2


So I spent weeks trying to source a laundromat that would accommodate access for the project. Eventually, and rather last minute I might add, I received a reply to one of my many emails.  We finally had access!  Looking back on the inspiration images now, i think it would have been much easier with residential-sized machines, but we made the best of it. In fact, the South African spin-off of Maxim Magazine featured it on their Facebook and Twitter. Seems like great exposure with their fb page alone having almost 70,000 likes right?  Wrong.  They actually stripped my watermark off the image, but yet proceeded to credit the model without making any mention of me.  This actually happened to me once before with the Maxim Magazine USA social media pages and so I wasn’t totally surprised. Anyway, it wasn’t a total loss I guess, we got a few decent images from the short 1.5 hour shoot. Here’s a peek….