Talks at Google – Ben Von Wong: “Intro to Epic Photography”

Von Wong mentions my name on Talks at Google
(I have a new claim to fame, lol – funny story actually at about 58:00). The real reason I’m posting this is because Benjamin Wong addresses one of the biggest issues I’ve been struggling with lately… How to ‘put it all together’ (on an epic scale of course).

Check it out:


19-hour Vancouver Island Adventure

I’ve been discussing a trip to the island to shoot with a friend of mine for some time now, but this Sunday it all abruptly came together and I caught an early ferry only to discover one of the best locations I’ve ever shot at…. “Hatley Castle”.  Check out a few quick edits from yesterday…..

Coliseum Mountain Hike to the Summit… gone bad!

Well that was a bit of an ADVENTURE!!

My brother and I set out to conquer the summit of Coliseum Mountain yesterday. It didn’t help that we were a bit late, let alone the fact that we’d completely neglected to take our current physical conditions into consideration: I was able to make decent time going up the mountain, but coming down I sucked. My hung-over brother sucked going up, but coming down he was fine! lol All-in-all, it turned into a GRUELING 14.5 hour hike with a bit of an issue involving the RCMP and Search & Rescue!!

We’d filled out our hiking registration with a return time of 9pm, but it wasn’t until 12:30am that we made it back to the Headwaters where we finally had cell reception again. I’ll tell ya…. hiking for over 3 hours in the PITCH BLACK with one headlamp and a cell-phone-flashlight can be a little unnerving… ESPECIALLY when you’re coming down steep technical slopes and traversing ravines!!!

Coliseum Mountain ain’t no joke – that was some serious shit – that was by far the REALEST hike I’ve ever done!

view from near the Summit of Coliseum Mountain

view from near the Summit of Coliseum Mountain

view from near the Summit of Coliseum Mountain

view from near the Summit of Coliseum Mountain