Vancouver Outdoor Portrait Workshop | Summer 2016

So I just spent the past 4 hours learning a new video editing program and making this test video. I realize that I need a TON more portraits in landscape orientation, so that I don’t have to use all these filler images that don’t crop nicely  😦

Anyone looking for some killer headshots that will be featured in my final product? I’m looking to do test shoots with models that can produce amazing footage. I will also be hiring models for the actual workshop this summer, so this WILL lead to a paid gig for those of you that can produce!

EMAIL ME examples of your work if you’re interested in working with me on this: – DON’T FORGET to include your FULL contact information! Hope to work with you soon!

Fudging the Squinch

Here’s a little tip, that I don’t normally share…. Often times, when I have trouble getting the proper expression from the model’s eyes – I will fake Peter Hurley‘s ‘squinch’ using Photoshop….

I use the liquify tool to push the lower eyelid up and then I will mask out the Iris afterwards, as it usually becomes distorted. Here’s the final result, and you can compare to the original – it’s subtle in some cases – depending on the scenario, but I find it’s effective for those shots that are ALMOST ‘there’.

Fudging The Squinch from Pete Jones | Vancouver Photog on Vimeo.

Here’s the link to Peter’s ‘squinch’ video in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Fan-Pei Koung

A few weeks back, I was approached online by a model from Texas (Fan-Pei: Miss Taiwanese American Princess 2015, former NASA hackathon winner, techie, medical researcher),  who was driving & modeling her way up the coast to Canada. After much back-and-forth, we finally made an arrangement and scheduled a studio session, which shot this past Sunday. I had a feeling her and I would produce some pretty spectacular work, the season had just changed, I was itching to get outdoors and so I offered her an additional outdoor portrait session on the house. Boy am I glad we had the chance to work together – I desperately needed the inspiration. Here’s just a few, but together we put out some pretty great stuff (see below)…

Vancouver's creative portrait photographer: Pete JonesVancouver's creative portrait photographer: Pete Jones