I’ve had many requests asking for me to post ‘straight out of camera’ (SOOC) images from my recent shoot. When I’m shooting on location and I’m not using Cam Ranger (which is all the time, because I don’t own one… yet), I tend to keep my camera’s LCD a little on the bright side, so that what I’m seeing outdoors on the tiny little 3″ LCD is, well… ‘a little bit on the bright side’ (of course I check my histogram occasionally to ensure that there’s no major clipping on either end of the spectrum).

This keeps the actual image slightly under exposed which, as Dani Diamond teaches us, is a good thing for natural light photography, but I also do this with strobes. I’ve always had a tendency to over do it; both with my lights and in post, creating hot-spots on people’s faces – so Dani’s technique has helped me a bit, even though I don’t apply it the way he teaches.

I’d rather be bringing back slightly under exposed details, than trying to pull down over exposed ones. Once that pixel goes white… there’s no information left to recover!

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