Trial & Error

In my last test, i noticed some problems with ‘jumping’ in my horizontal pan. Not sure what caused that, but last night’s test demonstrated it’s not an issue with the gear – thank god!

Once I can get over a lot of the technical hurdles, then I can focus on creativity and composition. That combined with the cooperation of the season’s weather and I should have some solid footage for the personal 2-year video project that I am working on!

Failed attempt:


Excuse Me!

Last night’s shoot was pretty cool… i found some random pylons right near where I wanted to shoot (which was nearly in the middle of the road on water street) and I was able to make a little safe zone for my tripod and slider to take up what is technically NOT a right had lane. Couldn’t have been any more perfect. I got a lot of sideways looks from the traffic, but even buses and firetrucks were able to pass with ample room! lol.


False Creek

I grew up (for the most part) in False Creek and I’ve always been drawn to it as a place of peace and serenity. Lately, I find that it’s just busy AF, (especially after the seawall renovation), but I still find moments to myself down there in the early hours and less desirable weather.

Not sure if you’ll be able to see it, (at 3 seconds) but I actually appear in my own timelapse. I walked onto the bridge to help a small group of tourists from India take a photo of themselves.

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